2003 Upper Deck Series 1 Baseball Box (12-Pack)

Outstanding price on a loaded box!!! This box contains 12 packs of 8 cards. Find Retail Exclusive Game-Used Jersey cards (1:2BOXES) Inserts include: Big league Breakdowns (1:8), The Chase for 755 (1:8), Mid-Summer Star Swatches (1:72-Retail Only), Triple UD Game Jerseys Tier A (sequentially numbered to 50), Triple UD Game Jerseys Tier B (Sequentially numbered to 75, Gold Version sequentially numbered to 25), Triple UD Game Jerseys-Teir C (Sequentially numbered to 25, Gold version sequentially numbered to 10, All STar Swatches (1:72), Star Spangled Swatches (1:72-Retail Only), AL All Star Swatch Exclusives(1:144 Retail-Only), Superstar Scrapbook (Sequentially numbered to 24), Superstar Scrapbook-Silver (Sequentially numbered to 6), Superstar Scrapbook-Gold (1-of-1), UD Patch Logo (1:7500, Exclusiveversion 1:7500), UD Patch Stripe (1:7500, Exclusive version 1:7500), and UD Patch Number (1:7500, Exclusive Version 1:7500). Each box contains one Jason Gianbi Poster.

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