pad2003 Topps Jumbo Hobby Baseball Box

This box contains 12 packs of 35 cards. The base set is composed of 366 cards. There are also 25 base card variations 1:8852, which feature the classic Topps logo. The classic Topps logo is a hooked letter T as depicted in 1979 Topps cards and replaces today’s Topps logo in the variation cards. Parallel set includes: Gold Border 1:5 (numbered to 2003) and Jumbo exclusive Black Border 1:16 (numbered to 52). Inserts include: Record Breakers 1:2, Own the Game 1:4, Blue Backs 1:4, Hobby Masters 1:6, Flashback 1:12, Autographs (Record Breakers 1:1178, JUMBO ONLY Turn Back the Clock 1:134, Topps 1:460, and Team Topps Legends 1:50669), Record Breakers Relics (Uniform 1:51 and Bat 1:90), Prime Cuts Relics 1:5067 (Pine Tar Series 1:1267 numbered to 200, Trademark Series 1:2533 numbered to 100, Series numbered to 50, and Autograph Series 1:7917 numbered to 50), and Vintage Buy-Backs 1:318. The insert ratio for Autograph or Memorabilia cards is 1:19.

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03TpsJmboHbyBaseblBxpad$53.99 - Factory Direct Golf Clubs

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