pad2002-03 Fleer Flair Hobby Basketball Box

A single box contains 20 packs of 5 cards in a 120 card base set including 30 Class of '02 Rookies (numbered to 1750). Each box contains 3 numbered Rookies, 4 Memorabilia and/or Autograph cards, and 1 Oversized Sweet Swatch Memorabilia box topper card (Autograph, Gold Autograph numbered to 15, Game Worn, Game Worn Patch, or Game Worn Patch Masterpiece numbered to 1). Parallel sets include: Flair Collection (Row 1 numbered to 150 and Row 2 numbered to 25). Inserts include: Court Kings 1:4 (Memorabilia version 1:9, Ball and Jersey version numbered to 100, and Dual Memorabilia version numbered to 250), New Heights 1:10 (Jersey version 1:16), Wave of the Future 1:20 (Jersey version numbered to 100 and Jersey Patch version numbered to 25), and Hot Numbers Memorabilia (numbered to 100).

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0203FlrFlairHbyBsktBxpad$83.99 - Factory Direct Golf Clubs

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